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The Blends

GREENS (choose two per day)


Spinach, kale, carrot, green apple, parsley, lemon juice, pineapple, turmeric


Spinach, kale, cashews, mango, ginger, sea salt, vanilla


Spinach, kale, jicama, ginger, sea salt, pineapple, mango


Spinach, jicama, cucumber, green apple, lime juice, green grapes, mango


ROOTS (choose two per day)


Carrots, cashews, mango, raisins, cinnamon


Beets, spinach, kale, red apple, orange slices, strawberries, cayenne


Carrots, jicama, pineapple, mango, ginger


Beets, jicama, coconut water, blueberry, strawberry


Beets, carrots, red grapes, orange, ginger



(choose one per day)


Cucumber, lime slices, green grapes, mint


Orange slices, lemon slices, green apple, cayenne, chia seed


RELAX (choose one per day)


Cashew milk, cashews, dates, cinnamon


Cashew milk, cashews, dates, blueberries, strawberries

Just the facts!

Cost is $55 for one day. $100 for two days and $150 for three days.

Purchase 3 day and get a complimentary wheatgrass shot.


Return glass bottles for 10% off of your next order.


Keep blends cold at all times and only shake before consuming. Settling is normal.


You must pick up daily or request delivery for one or more days. We want you to have the freshest, most beneficial experience possible and that requires daily preparation.





Hours of Operation

Mon–Fri      7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sat–Sun   8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Available now to order online or by emailing denise@beetboxblendbar.com

What is it?

Our Fresh Start program is the blend equivalent of a juice fast or cleanse available in 1-3 day options. The Fresh Start offers 6 bottled blends per day, leaving you nourished and satisfied without any sugar spikes or dips.


What is in the blends?

Each blend is a carefully selected combination of organic whole foods (fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts), blended together to create nutritious, satisfying and tasty sustenance. Our blends contain NO added sugars and all ingredients are listed for complete transparency. Please see the Fresh Start menu for details of the ingredients of each blend.


Which Blends should I select for my Fresh Start?
Any combination of the blends is appropriate, but we recommend that you choose two
Green blends, two Root blends, one Citrus/Hydration blend and one Relax evening cashew milk. We label the blends for you in the order we recommend (Green, Root, Hydrate, Green, Root, Cashew Milk). If you love a certain blend, feel free to choose it more than once in a day. They are all made from whole foods and great for you!


What is the difference between the Fresh Start program and a Juice Cleanse or Detox?

The programs are similar in that with either if you choose a quality brand, you will receive whole fresh foods. The blends contain the natural fibers found in the food, whereas the juices have that fiber removed. Because the fiber remains in our blends in the Fresh Start program the texture is thicker and can take an adjustment if you are used to thinner "juice" drinks. However, we believe it's worth your while! The nutrients in our blends satisfy all of your needs and keeping the fiber both aids in digestion and prevents the "spikes" that come from juices, causing headaches or energy spikes and drops. Keeping the fiber allows you to feel more satisfied throughout the program and is known to be beneficial for weight maintenance and weight loss.


Who should try the Fresh Start program?

The Fresh Start is appropriate for anyone in good health looking for a great, healthful and simple way to start fresh on their diet and nutritional goals. It is perfect for someone who has decided to cut added sugar out of their diet, anyone starting a whole foods diet or well into one who wants a change or a break from purchasing and preparing foods. The Fresh Start is a great recovery tool after a time of indulgence or for preparation for an event. Pregnant women or immune compromised clients, please ask your doctors if the program is appropriate for you as all of the blends are unpasteurized in order to retain maximum nutritional benefit.


Can I modify the ingredients?
Yes! We recommend that you do not adjust the recipes unless necessary for an allergy or serious aversion to certain ingredients. First, try to select blends that do not contain the ingredients in question, but modification is always possible. Just mention it in the notes on your order. We are here to provide the best experience possible for our clients and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.


Which Plan Should I Select?

We recommend the 3 day plan. The 3 day plan allows your body to more fully adjust to the all natural, whole food lifestyle for the most benefits. However, if your lifestyle or budget prevent the 3 day plan and you want a quick "reset" or "recovery" our one or two day packages are perfect for you! Doing a reset every month is a great way to stay on target with your health and nutrition goals and to give yourself a break from healthful food research and preparation and to give your body a break from complex processed ingredients.


What if I'm starving? Can I eat?

Of course! We don't think you should be starving on our plan. That is why our Fresh Start is specifically made to keep you satisfied throughout the day. However, if you are used to a higher calorie intake and/or added sugars and caffeine, you may feel hungry or uncomfortable. We encourage you to push through this with lots of water and staying on the blend program. If you really need to eat, then have a snack! It doesn't "ruin" your Fresh Start as long as you have a Whole Food snack. Eat some carrots, celery, fruits or other fresh produce.

1909 W Gray St Suite B   •   Houston, Texas 77019  •   713 239 0780   •   denise@beetboxblendbar.com